Use it. Don’t Lose it: Insurance Benefits and Flexible Spending Accounts

Do you have vision benefits or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money that needs to be used before December 31st? Use your benefits this year and don’t lose them!

Use it. Don't lose it.


For many with vision insurance benefits or FSA accounts, your benefits start over January 1st.  This means any unused benefits or money from Flexible Spending Accounts are not transferred over into the new year and actually expire.  Yes, that is right, you can potentially lose what you earned for your insurance benefits or FSA accounts.  To avoid losing your benefits, plan ahead. Schedule your appointment today to use your vision insurance benefits or FSA accounts.

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Our staff at Vision Source Specialists are trained to help you sort through your insurance benefits, answer questions about your FSA, and help you find the best eyewear to suit your prescription and personal needs.  Vision Source Specialists can accommodate a variety of insurances including VSP and Davis.  Contact us today for more information on using your vision insurance benefits before Dec. 31st!